Integration and Infrastructure

With Verfied there is NO infrastructure required. This means there is no capital outlay, which immediately increases your ability to get this service up and running quickly.

Even better than this, we integrate with all your existing systems.

But can’t you already do this in your existing program?

We say no. Once you see the level of actionable detail we can provide in real time, you’ll understand. Our aim is to provide a simple approach to the collection, processing, validation and analysis of your field records.

Data Centre and Network

Verified is committed to securing our customers’ data to the highest degree. Our customers include educational institutes, government agencies, healthcare providers, banking and finance and retail industry clients, who trust us with their data. That’s why security protocols and procedures are required to be able to deliver our services to leading industry clients.

Physical Security

Verified servers are hosted on a private cloud located in world class, access-controlled tier 4 data centres in Australia that meet the ISO 27001 security standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). These data centres are monitored 24/7 for all aspects of operations security and performance.

Physical access to the data centre is restricted solely to accredied individuals who require access to maintain systems needed to support the platform.

Network Security

Verified monitors its network 24/7 against any potential threats including data breaches, hackers, phishing attempts and more.

Access to Verified online systems is protected via:

  • Encrypted HTTPS connection. A 2048-bit SSL certificate issued by DigiCert Inc to ensure information transmitted by users is secure.
  • Access controlled log-ins to protect user information, which only accessible by administrators with appropriate login credentials.
  • Intrusions prevention system and firewalls.

Verified systems are scanned by industry leading anti-spam/anti-virus scanners to prevent client information from being compromised by viruses, trojans etc.


Verified services are available for use more than 99% of the time, meaning fewer interruptions for your business.

Data is backed up daily off-site with disaster recovery procedures in place including copies of encrypted archives.

Web Application

Verified is accessible via a web browser, meaning the software is always up to date. There is no program to install or storage required.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We do not share any data unless required by law, or with your permission. Read our Privacy Policy for more information.

Simple and easy implementation

No infrastructure

Their phone

Their phone

No software

Our QR code

Our QR code

No headaches

Your data

Your data

Find out how Verified can help you

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Workplace Health And Safety
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Contractor Performance
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Visitor Management
Track all your sites and all your visitors in real time.
Contractor Management
Track contractors in real time. Who is where, doing what, when.
Induction Management
Real-time data that can improve safety across your organisation.
Contractor Workflow
Proactive maintenance. Effective resource deployment.
Quote Management
Close the loop with one system.
Integration + Infrastructure
No capital outlay + we integrate with your existing systems.
Information We Help Verify
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Leader In Safety Management
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what can be achieved by streamlining staff process using Verified.
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Creating A Safer Workplace
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Our Clients
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Articles to further educate you on workplace safety, compliance and transparency throughout the workplace.
Meet The Team
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Our Experience
With over 18 years in the industry, Verified offer you complete transparency of your contractors and visitors across your property portfolio.
The team provide Help Desk direct phone support 6 days per week anywhere in Australia.
Contact Us
If you have questions we would love to hear from you. Let us show you how Verified can assist your organisation.