When others don’t do their job, who’s to blame?

When others don’t do their job, who’s to blame?

Electrical fault detected

Electrical fault detected

notification sent

Fault notification sent

Contractor maintenance reported by Verified

• Over 400 sites.
• Over 100 subcontractors.
• 1000’s of inspections.

Electrical fault
caused fire

Electrical fault caused fire

Liability for
fire verified

Liability for fire verified

Responsibility verified.

No unnecessary finger pointing.

Client used Verified data to demonstrate liability for loss of building, contents, profit, temporary facility and collateral damage.

Who’s responsible and at risk?

  • Faults reported.
  • Maintenance assigned.
  • Workflow managed.
  • Time and task transparency.
Health and safety manager

Health and safety manager

Senior management

Senior management

Facilities management

Facilities management

General public

General public

Verified can provide a customised solution.

Defect identified

Defect identified

Quote Submitted matched to contract

Quote Submitted matched to contract

Easy approval

Easy approval

Work completed

Work completed

Unique work order integration

  • Multi-channel data flow.
  • Field workers directed by your work order.
  • Automated reporting back to your system.
  • Job or project stage validation.
  • Work order priorities delivery times measured.

All stakeholders have full access to data 24/7.

Verified made it easy and simple

on site

Streamlined on site

No software
No hardware

No software. No hardware.

Your data
accessible 24/7

Your data Accessible 24/7
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