De-risking a risky business

How fuel giant Gilbarco became a leader in safety management by streamlining staff processes

With thousands of sites nationally, a significant component of Gilbarco’s operations is the maintenance of fuel dispensing equipment, which involves extremely hazardous working conditions.

Understandably, employee and public safety is paramount and strict protocols exist to ensure risks are always fully understood and effectively controlled. Failure to do so puts lives at risk.

That said, effectively minimising risk requires meticulous adherence to protocol, which is time consuming for both field and administration staff.

WPCG paradox

The pillar of safety protocols in the petroleum industry is the Workplace Clearance Group (WPCG) form. This is an industry standard risk assessment and control form that must be completed every time a contractor does work at a fuel dispensing location.

Prior to engaging Verified, the Gilbarco Admin team were required to manually process up to 6,000 paper-based WPCG forms every month across thousands of sites.

Much of their time was associated with reviewing these forms for accurate completion in order to confidently observe industry protocol and manage their risk. In addition to this, all copies of relevant WPCG forms need to be provided when invoicing each oil company, which takes a great deal of admin time to collate and deploy.

Recognising the growing cost implications of such strict adherence to protocol, Gilbarco needed a process that improved efficiencies. Critical to this was removing the temptation of cutting corners in the WPCG form.


After close analysis of the current process, Verified posed a unique solution to manage the WPCG workflow, which streamlined Gilbarco’s business process and neatly integrates into existing systems. Verified built Gilbarco’s WPCG form on a mobile-device agnostic webpage, allowing their technicians in the field to capture all job information remotely.

All task-specific information is automatically populated into the online form, reducing the amount of data entry errors. Verified’s servers work to validate whether critical data is accurately captured in the form, and does not allow a contractor to sign out of their job until 100% accuracy and completion is attained, and an electronic signature is captured.

Finally, electronic confirmation of completion is sent directly to the work management system and the completed WPCG form is generated into a PDF, allowing Gilbarco full web access to all data at any time.

Gilbarco: The leaders in safety management 

The Verified solution has transformed Gilbarco by streamlining the entire process:

  • The online system is seeing over 6,000 forms submitted each month;
  • The time to complete each form has been cut by 10 minutes;
  • The streamlined back of house processing has removed multiple people from the process, enhancing staff productivity; and
  • All parties have access to data immediately, while ensuring it had been captured correctly due to the locked form format.

Are all of your contractors 100% compliant with your OH&S requirements?

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