Confident you know what your contractors are actually doing and what you’re paying for?

… on every site?

Confident you know what your contractors are actually doing and what you’re paying for?

25%* of fire servicing not done? You’re not alone.

25%* of fire servicing not done?

The risk?

  • Liability for damages
  • Possible loss of life
  • Lost sales
  • Lost customers
  • Relocation cost
* Source: Verified Data on file, 18 years of data, 10,000 buildings.

Who’s responsible and at risk?

Risks need to be managed

Do contractors understand the precise risks associated with your project and work site?

Can you currently:

  • Alert contractors to pre-emptively handle risks?
  • Enforce ‘site specific’ inductions?
  • Ensure mandatory training courses are completed?
  • Determine if pre-work risk assessments are done?
Contractor manager

Contractor manager

Senior manager

Senior manager

Board manager

Board member

How Verified works

Verified captures and records real data.

Validate every service.
Reduce problem escalation.
At the point of service

At the point of service

Record (before and after)

Record (before and after)

Service complete and verified

Service complete and verified

How Verified works with induction

How Verified works with induction

Their phone, not yours.

  • No software
  • No hardware
  • No reception support
  • No queue

Smart induction management

What’s our difference?


Verified identified that 31.7%
of regulated testing was not in tolerance.

Thanks to Verified, the customer discovered 31.7% of servicing was not completed within service tolerances and they were carrying that liability. The customer changed their contract arrangement for payment only when within tolerance.

Know now. Reduce risk. Reduce liability.

Contractor compliance calculator

Fire safety services

Simple and easy to save hundreds of thousands of dollars

No infrastructure

Their phone

Their phone

No software

Our QR code

Our QR code

No headaches

Your records. Your money.

Your records
Your money

Visitor Compliance
Find out why it is important to keep electronic records of all your visitors.
Contractor Compliance
Are you confident you know what your contractors are doing and what you are paying for?
Workplace Health And Safety
Can your processes manage the risk of hazards and respond immediately?
Contractor Performance
Nobody wants to pay for work not done. Are you on top of all your contractors?
Visitor Management
Track all your sites and all your visitors in real time.
Contractor Management
Track contractors in real time. Who is where, doing what, when.
Induction Management
Real-time data that can improve safety across your organisation.
Contractor Workflow
Proactive maintenance. Effective resource deployment.
Quote Management
Close the loop with one system.
Integration + Infrastructure
No capital outlay + we integrate with your existing systems.
Information We Help Verify
Find out what information we can help verify for your business. Giving you the answers across all sites.
Leader In Safety Management
This case study looks at safety management and
what can be achieved by streamlining staff process using Verified.
Facility Manager Was Liable
This case study demonstrates how the client used Verified data to reveal the facility manager was liable for loss of building, contents, profit, and damages.
Creating A Safer Workplace
This case study looks at how better workflow and induction management assists you to create a safer workplace.
Our Clients
See who we’ve helped gain complete visibility over their field data and lowered the cost of their repairs and maintenance processes.
Articles to further educate you on workplace safety, compliance and transparency throughout the workplace.
Meet The Team
Get to know the Verified team behind the data who share the same goal – to ensure you have complete visibility over your repairs and maintenance processes.
Our Experience
With over 18 years in the industry, Verified offer you complete transparency of your contractors and visitors across your property portfolio.
The team provide Help Desk direct phone support 6 days per week anywhere in Australia.
Contact Us
If you have questions we would love to hear from you. Let us show you how Verified can assist your organisation.