Gain complete visibility

How can you verify that contractor work has actually been done? Read about the impact that poor visibility of field data capture has on your business.

Embrace digital

Well-designed mobility solutions are not only more convenient, but they vastly improve field data quality. Find out how the Verified solution can be applied to your facility management process.

Get a tailored solution

Our digital solution can be tailored to make any contractor workflow more efficient, not just from a time and resources perspective, but from a commercial perspective too. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Own your own field data and access it instantly, at any time

Often when contractors record data from onsite jobs, the data is manually filed with a third party. This is fine if you never need to access this data, but realistically, that’s not the case. Inputting field data through the Verified system means you own your own data and have access to it at any time, giving you complete visibility over what’s happening in the field.